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Encourage your family to immigrate to Canada


Happiness, Contentment, and Lifestyle

Canada is the top country in the world for quality of life, making it a terrific location to live.

Peaceful, Tranquil, Secure, and Safe

With the 11th lowest crime rate and third-lowest threat to personal safety from natural disasters, Canada is the world’s third-most peaceful and tranquil nation.

One of the World's Most Robust Economies

With good governmental integrity and sound financial conditions, Canada ranks eighth in the world for economic freedom.

The Tenth-Richest Nation

The GDP of Canada is expected to continue increasing and remain in the top 10 globally.

One of the World's Top Healthcare Systems

Based on the population living in Canada, this country has the third-best healthcare in the world.


Candidates for Skilled Immigration


Employer Support Services


Is it Challenging for Your Business to Recruit Qualified Employees for Your Operations?

Insufficient competent people to run your business's production at total capacity or overworked current workforce; working overtime causes issues, tiredness, additional money, or safety hazards.

Our Approach

  • Expand your candidate selection pool beyond your local community/district – even beyond your province and country;
  • Access a pool of millions of skilled workers overseas who have the experience and skills you are looking for.

The Canadian government has recognized the need for skilled workers in Canada, especially in heavy industries. As a result, it has allowed Canadian employers to hire skilled foreign workers who will enter Canada on a work permit to perform the required jobs until their contracts expire.


The Procedure

  • Find open positions and begin the hiring process by signing a retainer agreement;
  • Start the employment procedure' advertising process;
  • Until the Employer has chosen all of the candidates to fill the positions, we offer you a list of candidate profiles;
  • In close collaboration with your office, our office will begin the application procedure with the government;
  • After getting permission, we'll apply for the workers' work permits;
  • New employees will begin working for your business.

* SIMURGH will be pleased to assist your company with the LMIA and work visa applications if you have already chosen your temporary foreign employees.


Advantages of This Process and Outsourcing Your Paperwork to SIMURGH:

  • We are in charge of all communications with the government. In order for our office to complete the application papers, etc., we help your local office provide us with the information that is required;
  • We support you throughout the full advertising process (if applicable). We'll only "watch and learn" at your workplace;
  • We ensure that all legal obligations, including those pertaining to wage rates and agreement formats, are satisfied;
  • We'll ask the government for "unnamed" permissions, which would let you recruit a substitute worker right away if the first one was unable to start working or left halfway through the contract. A replacement employee is located and sent to your location without incurring any further costs;
  • little expense to the employer for all of the services mentioned above;
  • The employer will always be in complete control and may opt to recruit someone else at any point after terminating the contract with the foreign worker;
  • Based on the terms of the work permit provided by the Canadian government, foreign employees are restricted to working only for one particular employer. While working in Canada, they are unable to change jobs unless the employer breaches a contractual commitment to pay salaries or provide a safe workplace;


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