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People who have Canadian residency can apply for Canadian Citizenship if they meet the conditions of Citizenship.

Residence Conditions

You must physically live in Canada for 1460 days over a period of 6 years. If you don’t have enough time to apply for Citizenship, you can get your Citizenship according to the Citizenship Law. City Affairs Judge Zan Ship “Ship may be exempted from the law based on the discretion of the Minister of Immigration and based on humanitarian law and finally The above rules will be waived when he obtains evidence of the immigrant’s residence in Canada despite his physical absence.

The Condition of Language Knowledge

Another essential condition for Citizenship is knowing the language, which may be ignored if you are over 60 years old. However, at the discretion of the Minister of Immigration, the language requirement may be waived to relax exceptional circumstances or to reward valuable service to Canada.

In short, to be eligible to apply for Canadian Citizenship, you must consider several criteria:

  • Be a permanent resident of Canada
  • Meet the requirements of physical presence in Canada (3 years out of the last 5 years)
  • File your taxes (if applicable)
  • Passing the Canadian citizenship test (if you are between 18 and 54 years old)
  • Obtaining a minimum score in English or French (if you are between 18 and 54 years old)


Some Benefits of Obtaining Canadian Citizenship


There are many reasons why you should convert your permanent residence to Canadian Citizenship. Canadian citizens have the benefits that permanent residents do not have access to. Some of these benefits include:

Citizens do not Need to Renew Their Permanent Residence Status

Most PR cards are only valid for 5 years. At this time, it is possible to meet the requirements for obtaining Canadian Citizenship. Permanent residents must be present in Canada for 3 years or 1,095 days out of the last 5 years before applying for Citizenship.

Once you become a Canadian citizen, you no longer need to renew your permanent residence status. Canadian Citizenship is valid for an unlimited period of time and typically lasts for the rest of your life.

More Job Opportunities

Canadian citizens can apply for jobs that permanent residents cannot. Among them, we can mention some government jobs and some jobs that require a security certificate that only Canadian citizens can work in such jobs.

Less Likely to Lose Residency Status in Canada

Permanent residents can be deported regardless of how long they have lived in Canada. But only a few causes lead to the revocation of Citizenship. Under Canadian law, an individual's Citizenship can be revoked if it was obtained by lying, fraud, or knowingly concealing the circumstances. Other reasons for revoking Citizenship are related to security issues, human rights violations, or organized crime.

Canadian Suffrage

Canadian citizens can participate in all Canadian elections. They can also run for office and represent the people on issues that are important to Canadians.

Canadian Passport

Canadian citizens receive a Canadian passport. Many countries allow Canadian passport holders to enter without a visa. Canada also recognizes dual Citizenship. If your country of birth also recognizes dual Citizenship, you will be eligible to have two passports.


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