You can quickly become a Canadian or US entrepreneur who is working internationally. We have brought together a group of the best who operate at the highest economic levels to help you achieve your goal. The presence of such people can easily guarantee the future of your business. So you will not start from scratch, and you will join the ranks of Canadian and American entrepreneurs from now on.

There is always an abundance of investment capital available if the business or idea is sound, the deal is expertly structured, effectively presented, and creates a win-win-win for investor, company, and customer.

  Randy Lennon - Founder & Entrepreneur

Our team of professional experts handles your immigration cases with the utmost respect. Their decades of experience and expertise guarantee you the chance to immigrate to Canada. The collection we provide to customers is truly one of a kind. Note that our group of lawyers and experts are all Canadian and American.

Sometimes the worst disaster in our lives turns out to be the best thing that ever happened. It is up to us to accept what has happened in every single moment. It is up to us to decide what we are going to make it mean, and then decide how we are going to respond.

  Randy Lennon - Founder & Entrepreneur

As mentioned above, Simurgh Corp. has a different quality of services than its similar businesses. This is the unique economic, political, and social position of Simurgh Team as the investment company of Meridian Merchant Capital Canada. But this should in no way lead you to believe that you have to pay exorbitant costs. Not at all. Not only will you spend less than others, but we are the only company of this kind that will refund your money if your case is failed.

When we put the right skills and people in place, it is a given that the money will be there – the right people, the right capital, at the right time, that is “the Meridian Effect."

  Randy Lennon - Founder & Entrepreneur

We create schedules for each client individually through in-office meetings in Canada and USA or online meetings to ensure your success in immigrating to Canada and the United States. In this field, we are unique because apart from all services, we have the ability to transfer your manufacture or factory to North America.

Well planned and executed Immigration policy is the lifeblood of a strong, growing Canadian economy.

  Randy Lennon - Founder & Entrepreneur

To begin the migration process, we offer many counseling sessions to our applicants at much higher levels and at a much lower price than other companies that provide similar services. Our objective is to understand applicants' backgrounds and offer a combination of possible plans and programs that will provide the lowest cost and fastest immigration time through these sessions for esteemed applicants.

You're welcome to Canada comes with responsibility as well as opportunity.

  Randy Lennon - Founder & Entrepreneur

Our client's payments are kept in a trusted account (Escrow Account) that will not be withdrawn without an adequately signed agreement. These payments will be paid in installments. The client also receives a copy of the agreement with an official receipt. In this contract, all your rights and obligations will be clearly stated. Therefore, there are no concealed costs for our customers.

Canada is a leader in conscious capitalism because we combine the best of free enterprise with the balance of a wisely and well-regulated economy and society.

  Randy Lennon - Founder & Entrepreneur

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