Immigration & Investing in the USA


Immigration & Investing in the USA


Discover why the United States is the top investment destination

There are numerous reasons why business investors plump for the United States as their preferred investment destination. This includes a strong liking for quality of life, business-friendly environment, robust infrastructure, vibrant technology, supply chain, and a befitting workforce. Furthermore, the country’s diversity and openness allow businesses from all countries and industries to find a conducive place in the market to thrive. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is an important part of the U.S. economy, serving as both a key economic driver and a vital source of innovation, exports, and jobs. Because of its unparalleled transparent legal system, low taxes, outstanding infrastructure, and easy access to the world’s most lucrative consumer market, the United States has always provided foreign investors with a stable and welcoming market that is quite predictable.

Invest in America is the primary coordinated effort by the United States Government to manage and promote foreign direct investment. The efforts are focused on outreach to foreign governments and investors, support for state governments’ investment promotion efforts, and addressing business climate concerns by serving as the international investment community’s ombudsman in Washington. As a result of the government’s noble initiative, job creation, innovation, and business competitiveness have increased.

World’s Largest Market

With a GDP of $20.94 trillion and a population of over 331 million people, the United States offers the largest consumer market worldwide. Since the U.S. has the highest global disposable income to its workforce, household spending in the U.S. is ranked the highest globally. According to statistics, the United States alone accounts for nearly one-third of global household consumption. At the same time, the United States has signed free trade treaties with 20 other countries, a strategy that provides investors with enhanced access to an extended customer base. Furthermore, the United States has forged a memorandum of understanding with other companies to increase opportunities for U.S. exporters.

Nexus of Innovation

The United States is a world leader in research and development (R&D), with more international patents registered than any other country. While modern innovators in the United States are protected by a strong and legally established intellectual property protection framework, the U.S. continues to invest in R&D by allocating a sizeable budget to leading universities and innovation incubators across the nation heavily. As a result, companies prefer to operate in the U.S. to tactically benefit from the trickle-down effects of the innovative sound environment.

Access to Capital

The United States boasts of the most flexible, established, efficient, and liquid financial markets in the world. This is spiced up by a diverse range of funding sources, including banks, venture capitalists, angel investors as well as investment firms. According to companies in the United States, the ease of access to capital facilitates enterprise innovation and expansion, a key edge, hence a significant catch for investors.

Workforce Talent

The U.S. workforce is diverse, skilled, innovative, and mobile, reassuring investors of one of the most productive human capital in the world. Much better, the United States continues to prioritize joint public-private sector collaboration to ensure its workforce is vibrant and able to meet the needs of a dynamic 21st-century economy.

Ease of Doing Business

The United States has consistently been ranked among the best countries globally for its overall competitiveness and simplicity of doing business. This is further enhanced by a sound and predictable regulatory environment that is particularly conducive to starting and operating a business. Additionally, the U.S. has a reputable business culture that emboldens free enterprise and competition. Furthermore, The U.S. is universally recognized as one of the most unwavering and steady democracies unbridled with a transparent and predictable legal system. This, in turn, creates a level playing field for all companies regardless of national origin, a condition that appeals to investors from all over the globe.

Green Card

One of the methods to obtain a permanent residency (Green Card) in the United States is to invest in the country. An EB-5 visa is necessary for this. The U.S. Congress created the EB-5 Visa in 1990 to encourage foreign capital investment in the U.S. economy. All EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program participants are eligible to engage in a new business that opened after November 29, 1990. For example, if the investor acquires a company that was founded before November 29, 1990, s/he will have to reorganize it. In addition, owing to this investment, the enterprise’s net worth and workforce should expand by at least 40%. EB-5 Visa holders can invest and apply for a Green Card in the United States.


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