A New IRCC Update – IRCC processing times

Is the IRCC still working on applications?

Yes! It may not appear to be, but they are gradually striving to process everything.

In Canada, Express Entry, PR, Study Visas, Work Visas, and Visitor Visas are all taking longer since the Covid outbreak occurred two years ago. However… what is IRCC doing to make things better?

The Canadian government has announced that it will invest $85 million over the next year to sort out the problem of applications and shorten IRCC processing times. IRCC hopes to close the gap and revert to its normal processing timeframes for all categories with this investment.

What impact will this have on my application?

The IRCC is constantly at work developing new tools to assist applicants in tracking their applications and improving their overall experience with the Canadian immigration system.

A new tool has been created for PR applications under the family class category. As a result, applicants will be capable of tracking their applications and, if necessary, take an instant measure to help the applications move faster. As a result, all applicants will enjoy access transparency regarding their applications and obtain the same information requested from an IRCC Service Agent.

This new tool, along with other recent measures such as the new IRCC Portal for Visitor Visas and Study Permits, demonstrates how the IRCC is working to enhance processing times by listening to applicants and immigration consultants, all while constantly making Canada the destination of choice for people looking to study, work, invest and begin a new life with their families.

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