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Ardavan (Ardi) Iranmanesh

Ardavan (Ardi) Iranmanesh

Ardavan (Ardi) Iranmanesh can truly be called the elite of startup companies. He received his bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science from Dalhousie University.


Ardi Iranmanesh works as a Chief of Staff at Affinio, which is a Social Networks company with an estimated 62 employees; and was founded in 2013. They are part of the Operations Executive team within the C-Suite Department Ardi graduated from Dalhousie University in 2010 and is currently based in Halifax, Canada. 


Ardi Iranmanesh has 4 current jobs, including Co-Founder at Affinio, Co-Founder at Tactics Cloud, Co-Founder at Fara Consulting Group, and Revenue Operations & Strategy at Affinio. Additionally, Ardi Iranmanesh has had 4 past jobs, including the faculty team - launched Starting Lean at Dalhousie University.


He brings a diverse background in Entrepreneurship and Computer Science to his real estate business. Expert knowledge of the latest analytical concepts and proven experience in identifying, utilizing, and communicating key insights from complex data allows him to deliver in-depth service. His experience also allows him to develop innovative solutions to drive business growth, generate productivity, provide quality control, and build personal and professional rapport and credibility with his clients. As a seasoned Senior Executive, Ardi's analytical skills, paired with his ability to mentor and negotiate, brings a valuable skill set to his real estate business. He is very much looking forward to integrating into the real estate industry. Outside of real estate and his growth-stage startup, you can find Ardi reading and listening to his favorite podcasts on his yoga mat or enjoying a good scotch.


Ardavan (Ardi) Iranmanesh has come to SIMURGH to provide highly professional services to clients who intend to immigrate to Canada through a startup plan.

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