Visa Extension


Visa Extension


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Holders of work permits and study permits who have visas that are about to expire may need to apply for extensions. The bearer of a work permit or study permit may stay in Canada until the date stated on the document. A new visa, however, will make it simpler to enter and exit Canada.


You may enter Canada lawfully and remain for a certain amount of time in order to visit, work, or study if you have a visitor visa with temporary resident status. However, depending on your visa and the reason for your visit, you could also be obliged to adhere to specific rules and regulations.


When you want to modify the terms of your stay or extend your visa, you must apply for an extension.


A visa extension is one of the most often sought categories of Canadian visas.


Who Qualifies for a Visa Extension?

Only Canadian citizens may apply for visa extensions. If you want to extend your visa, you must be:


Those who still have a legitimate legal status in the nation are eligible to apply for a visa extension.


What are the Requirements for Different Visa Extensions?

Depending on the kind of Visa, certain conditions must be met for an extension.


Visa Extensions for Visitors: Non-citizens on a visitor visa are able to stay in Canada for up to six months at a time. Either single-entry or multiple-entry visas are available. However, unless you ask for an extension at least 30 days before your existing visa expires, your legal status will expire after six months and you will be forced to leave the country.


If your present visa expires while your application is being processed, you will be permitted to remain in Canada.


Visa Extensions for Study Permit Holders: Holders of a study permit are eligible for visa extensions. However, the length of time they may stay in Canada depends on their course of study and other circumstances.


Your study permit outlines the constraints on your study course options, the length of your stay, and other details. You must submit an application to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada if you want to extend your study permit (IRCC).


At least 30 days before your existing permit expires, you may submit an application. You have 90 days to submit a restoration permit application if you don't do it. Simply requesting an extension might not be sufficient if you wish to modify your course, school, or the restrictions on your study permit.


Visa Extension for Work Permit Holders: Numerous work permits are available in Canada, each with a unique application procedure. However, you must do so before your present work visa expires if you wish to request an extension or alter any of its terms.


30 days prior to the expiration of your work permit, you must submit an extension request. Your work permit cannot be extended past the expiration date on your passport.


  • A visitor to Canada
  • A study permit holder
  • A work permit holder

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