Temporary Residence for World Athletes and Related Occupations


Temporary Residence for World Athletes and Related Occupations


Tourist Visa

World athletes, coaches, referees, and other professionals with associated vocations may be granted temporary residence in Canada, depending on the nature of their visit.


You have the chance to come to Canada via the Federal Self-Employed Program if you are a professional athlete or work in the sports industry as a coach, referee, event organizer, or in a job that is closely linked.


This program is designed for those with the knowledge and skills to support professional or collegiate athletics in Canada independently.


This program aims to draw in exceptional athletes who want to become permanent residents and stay in Canada as independent contractors.


Who Qualifies for the Self-Employed Program?

To qualify for the self-employed program, you must fulfill the following criteria:


  • Have the necessary expertise in your field of athletics and the will to work for yourself in Canada
  • meet the established selection criteria
  • satisfy the required standards for health, security, and other factors
  • own sufficient resources to sustain your stay in Canada


You must have a minimum of two years of experience to be considered an athlete or sports professional. Between five years before the application deadline and the day your application is decided, this experience must have been acquired.


Your experience will be relevant if it fulfills the following criteria:

  • You have worked for yourself as an athlete or a performer in the arts for two 1-year periods.
  • You participated in a major sporting competition.
  • You have a year's worth of combined experience in the above activities.

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