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Professional Consultant of Simurgh Office in Tehran

Atabak Asghari

Atabak Asghari, with more than 25 years of managerial experience in Iran and the experience of setting up and consulting dozens of manufacturing and service companies, has been a reliable and capable advisor for entrepreneurs.

With the establishment of Nemasamane Entrepreneurs Company (2003), Nemasamane Parsian (2006), Nemasamane Sepehr (2007), Taa’me Nab-e Nama (2008), he formed the group of Namasamane companies and through his subsidiary companies, he has tried to set up, manage and coordinate various companies.

With the establishment of Namasaman Mohajer Migration Services Company in 2021; the newest member of the Nemasamane group of companies; Atabak Asghari, provided advice on starting an immigration company for those interested in the field of immigration, and with the slogan “Immigrate with us in a bed of roses,” he helps many Iranian professionals and entrepreneurs to register their companies and start participating in new international markets.

Years of experience in setting up and managing various companies, including immigration companies, have made Atabak Asghari a very experienced person in immigration matters.

Graduating with a major in public relations has given him an unparalleled ability to communicate with clients, and providing detailed and complete explanations of migration routes is one of his superior capabilities.

He is currently the chairman of the board of directors of the Namasamane group of companies (Namasamane Mohajer, Namasamane Parsian, Namasamane Sepehr, Nemasamane entrepreneurs, and Tome Nab Nama). In addition, he has participated in the registration and launch of dozens of companies outside of Iran.

Atabak Asghari has come to Simurgh to provide esteemed clients with decades of experience in immigration affairs and make a memorable migration for them.

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