Visitor Record Extension


Visitor Record Extension


Tourist Visa

Extending your visitor visa enables you to stay in Canada longer than is permitted. You can find a new expiration date for your departure in a visitor record. Applications for extensions should be submitted 30 days before your current allowed stay ends.


You can apply for a visitor record if you are a visitor who is currently in Canada and would like to extend your stay since your existing approved entrance is about to expire.


A visitor's registration is not a visa. Presenting a status document with a new expiration date permits the tourist to extend their existing stay in Canada.


You may enter Canada lawfully with a visiting visa, whether it is single-entry or multiple-entry, but it does not specify how long you can stay there. A typical tourist is permitted to remain in Canada for periods of up to six months. You must depart Canada at the conclusion of this time frame since your authorized temporary status will cease.


While your temporary resident status is still active, you must seek to extend your stay. You must apply for a visitor record if you plan to remain longer than six months, even if you are from a nation that does not require a visa.


Who is Eligible for a Visitor Visa Extension?

You must submit your application at least 30 days prior to the expiration date of your present status in order to be eligible for a visitor record or to alter your status from that of a foreign worker or international student to that of a visitor.


The expiration date may be printed on your passport's entrance stamp or on a document proving your current status. There is no expiration date, but it usually lasts six months from the day you entered Canada.


What are the Requirements of a Visitor Visa Extension?

You must be in Canada as a guest, possess a study permit, or hold a valid work permit in order to be eligible for a visa extension.


Those who are in the country legally and validly at the time of application are eligible for a Canadian visa extension.

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