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Dr. Payam Rahmdel

Dr. Payam Rahmdel

With over 20 years of professional and academic experience, Dr. Payam Rahmdel is a highly skilled financial advisor serving clients across Canada. Payam's core focus is on wealth management, retirement planning, and tax-efficient estate transfer. He is dedicated to promoting financial literacy and education, providing a platform for clients of all backgrounds to easily understand complex financial products and concepts, enabling them to make informed decisions and take advantage of the best opportunities.


Payam's academic journey began with a B.Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, followed by a M.Sc. program in Computer Engineering from South Korea and a Ph.D. in computer science from London, UK. He then moved to Canada for a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship opportunity at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. With solid experience in applied AI and machine learning in various industries, including technology, heavy equipment, and mining, Payam has served as a Senior Data Scientist and team leader, providing significant business value to corporations.


Payam assists clients in various stages of their lives, from building wealth and achieving financial independence to maintaining high growth and tax efficiency during the wealth-building phase. At the retirement stage, Payam helps clients create tax-efficient investment strategies to generate cash flow streams. Wealth transfer and estate planning can be complex, but Payam provides expert advice and unbiased evaluations of options to give clients peace of mind and help them choose the best pathways.


Payam resides in Vancouver with his family. When not working, he enjoys spending time in the beautiful nature of British Columbia with his family, playing basketball with friends, or learning to speak Spanish.

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