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Maryam Nematollahzadeh /

Superintendent of Simurgh's Marketing Department in the Kerman Province

Maryam Nematollahzadeh

Maryam Nematollahzadeh

Maryam Nematollahzadeh was born in Iran and grew up in the beautiful city of Kerman. Her great interest in acquiring science and knowledge since childhood made him continue her studies until she received a master's degree in the field of architecture and construction. After that, Maryam began to obtain an international degree in interior design and successfully obtained this degree.


At the same time as she studied, she also had an eye on the market and economic activities, and this approach has made for her a broad and diverse work experience in her file. Among them, it is worth mentioning 4 years of activity in the field of indoor and outdoor lighting design.


Her energy and limitless ability did not limit her to education and work experience related to her academic education. Therefore, among other activities, Maryam obtained her WKA-style kickboxing master coaching degree and coached in this martial arts style for 6 years, which has continued until today. In addition, her great interest in the education of children and young people led her to receive a certificate of coaching and child management from the Technical and Professional Organization and then an official certificate of painting children and adolescents from the Ministry of Culture and Guidance of Iran to step in this direction with complete knowledge.


But what has been considered the distinguishing point of Maryam Nematollahzadeh in her work file is her activity as an official sales expert in the reliable and well-known Kourosh Electro Broadcasting Company in Kerman province for 3 years.


She has now joined the Simurgh office in Kerman province as the Superintendent of the marketing department in order to provide all her power, knowledge, and valuable experience to the clients of the Simurgh team and to bring the best immigration services of its kind to the fore.

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