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Dr. Morteza Kohansal /

Ph.D. in Management & CEO of SIMURGH Office in Mazandaran Province

Dr. Morteza Kohansal

Dr. Morteza Kohansal

Dr. Morteza Kohnsal received his Ph.D. in management from Tehran University in 2013 and was appointed to the management position of Iran Elite Cooperative Company in 2013.


He is the author of 26 volumes of books in fields such as system management, industrial engineering, strategic management, branding, sales, and marketing, which are published at Lambert University in Germany and available on the official website of Amazon. Dr. Kohnsal has also been the official representative and business partner of the Royal College of England in Iran for more than two years.


He is also the economic and marketing consultant of the Mazandaran Judo Committee and the Iranian Peace Soldier House. In addition, he has more than 10 years of experience in management and financial consulting in private companies.


Among his other activities, we can mention teaching in universities and higher education institutions, as well as being the founder and lecturer of different schools and cultural and artistic institutes.


He is currently the official representative of SIMURGH International Corporation in Mazandaran province.

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