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Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC)

Behrouz Fanaei

Behrouz Fanaei

Behrouz Fanaei was born in Iran and the beautiful, ancient, and historical city of Isfahan. Industrious, character, honest, and with a sense of responsibility were some of the traits that he carried with him since childhood, and people who know him remember him with these traits.


Behrouz Fanaei's distinctive personality traits, which are still with him today, made his path in education so smooth that he obtained his master's degree in the field of chemistry with excellent grades. After that, he entered the job market to fill up his resume with brilliant work history and participation in a collection of the best and most well-known companies in Iran. Suppose we want to make a passing reference to only a few of the jobs and positions in which Behrouz Fanei has played a role. In that case, we can name Laboratory Analyst, Quality management, Six Sigma, Quality Control Engineer and Instructor, Measurement System Analysis, Customer Service Management, and Project Management.


After collecting a plethora store of knowledge and experience, Behrouz Fanei saw the platform to create a better future for his wife and children; for this reason, he left all his valuable treasures of knowledge and experience in his suitcase and left for immigration from Iran to Canada. The years away from his homeland and the hardships of his sojourn made him hardened, and this made the first sparks in his mind that he should do everything he could to help the immigrants who set foot on Canada's soil to stay away from the hardships he and his family had endured. This was the beginning of a new chapter in the life of Behrouz Fanei because he himself had taken a step towards helping the immigrants. When he obtained Canadian citizenship in 2007, he had many years of experience in various immigration institutions. Therefore, he decided to establish his own immigration company, Pouyesh, to focus more on the ups and downs of applicants' immigration affairs.


He has now joined SIMURGH to remove the heavy burden of immigration from the shoulders of those people who have chosen Canada as their family destination and to smooth the path of their immigration to Canada.


Documents obtained by Behrouz Fanaei:


  • Bachelor's degree in applied chemistry
  • Master's degree in Analytical Chemistry
  • Official Certification in Immigration Laws, Policies, and Procedures - British Columbia University (UBC)
  • International Quality Management Certificate - British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)
  • Official member of the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
  • Official Member of The Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC)


Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

RCIC – ICCRC #: R711108

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